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Audi e-tron 2019

$ 74,800 - $ 81,800

what's new

Audi e-tron is an all-new electric vehicle
204 miles of range
Five-passenger sitting
The professionals

Smooth and decisive acceleration
Spacious and comfortable interior
Lots of standard and available security and technical features

Infotainment operation can be distracting
Slow acceleration in comparison to some EV rivals

Edmonds recommends which e-tron?
The base premium plus trim comes with a long list of standard features which will easily satisfy most shopkeepers. The optional driver support package adds advanced security features which are standard on Prestige Trim.
Edmonds Expert Review
overall rating
Between the small but growing class of electric vehicles, the 2019 Audi e-Tron has a lot to do. E-Tron with Rival EVs such as Jaguar I-Paase and Tesla Model X benefit from acceleration, which is smooth, silent and fast. Above it, E-Tron presents significant benefits like a large cargo area and a sophisticated interior.

To help with the Audi e-tron, it has a standard 150-kW DC fast-charging capacity, Audi says that the vehicle can be completed up to 80% from zero charge in 30 minutes. This charging rate is high so that what Tesla Supercharger can do. However, detection of the capable charging station for such flaming power is a different matter in the form of an assisted charging network, the US still has electrification in its new stages. Also, the maximum limit is estimated at 204 miles, which is much less compared to other EVs.

But overall, we would say that you do not have to worry too much about the 204-mile range. Unless you are constantly planning on road trips, it is enough. Otherwise, it is legally meant to be operable with a magnificent, spacious five-passenger SUV.

Audi e-Tone model
The 2019 Audi E-Tron is available in five-passenger electric SUVs, premium plus and Prestige trims. Electricity from a battery of 95-kWh is sent to a pair of electric motors. There is one front and one behind in giving an e-tron all-wheel drive. The maximum output is 355 horsepower. But if you keep the e-tron in sport mode and fully press the accelerator pedal, then e-tron is capable of 8-second, 402-horsepower boost mode.

Every e-tron 150-kW DC comes with fast-charging capabilities, which can restore 80% driving range in just 30 minutes. The new owners will enjoy 1,000 kWh free charge through the growing electrification US network. For home-charge solutions, Audi has teamed up with Amazon Home Services to make shopping and installation easier.

Standard features for premium Plus E-Tron include 20-inch wheels, an adaptive air suspension, LED outdoor lighting, auto-dimming and power-folding mirrors, a captivating sunroof, roof rail, a power liftgate, keyless entry and Includes ignition, heated and ventilated power front seats with virtual instrument panels, four-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, and driver-seat memory functions.

On the Tech front, you will see Audi's MMI encoding system with a 10.1-inch main touchscreen and 8.8-inch lower touchscreen, a navigation system, wireless charging pad with signal booster, an adjoining visual camera system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Audi A 16-speaker bang and olsson audio system with connective communication, and satellite radio. Standard Advanced Safety features include a frontal collision alert and a blind-point monitor with rear cross-traffic alert and vehicle exit alert.

Optional Driver Assistance Package connects Audi's traffic jams, Assisted Automated Driving Systems, Traffic Sign Reader, automatic cross-traffic collision warning with automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control with lane keeping assist.

Prestige includes all of the above and includes Power Door Closures, a Head-Up Display, Dual-Pan Acoustic Front Window Glass, Front-Seat Massage Functions, Upgraded Leather Upholstery, Rear Window Sunshades and a Cabin Air Purifier.

Options include 19- or 21-inch wheels, a tow package, side airbags for back passengers and cold weather packages with heated steering wheel and heated rear seats.

Trim tested
Each vehicle usually comes in several versions which are fundamentally similar. Ratings in this review are based on our first drive of Audi E-Tron Prestige (Electric | Direct Drive | AWD).
Like most EVs, e-tron is a pleasure to drive thanks to its abundance and linear power distribution. In addition, it achieves high marks for smooth braking, sporty handling and unusually good off-road capabilities.
Audi estimates that E-Tron will reach 60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds. Compared to EVs, it is slow, but not slow. The speed is easily and quietly assembled and should affect any driver.
apply brake
The initial application of the brake uses regenerative braking to recharge the battery while deregterating, and take more mechanical pad and rotors when more aggressive stopping power is required. We would prefer a more aggressive mode for regenerative braking, however. To enable anything like single-pedal driving, the maximum setting is very weak (less than half).
The steering effort is lighter when the speed of the parking lot increases at high speeds and in the dynamic mode. There is no response to the driver, but it is common in almost any vehicle nowadays.

For its credit, steering is accurate and approximate.
Thanks to the low-mounted battery pack, the center of gravity of e-tron is less than the specific SUV. As a result, it handles more like a sports sedan, small rolls and recreational levels in the body.
The way in which E-Tron drives in a smooth and linear manner faster and brisk, he makes it a pleasure to run. It is equally easy to crawl along with traffic as cruise at the speed of the highway with additional thought to the driver.
off road
Off-road mode, combined with the suspension of adaptive air, provides e-tone more area potential than the average SUV. It is not up to rock-crawling standards, but it will navigate on medium bumps, ropes and loose areas without breaking a sweat.
E-Tron scores indicate electric-only for delivering luxuries found in other Audi vehicles with silence of electricity.
Seat comfort
The front seats are quite helpful for long-distance comfort. The available massage functions will bring you to your destination with less fatigue. Rear seats are flat on the basis of comparison, but provide adequate comfort and support for adults.
Ride comfort
E-Tron can turn like a sporty sedan, without sacrificing the quality of the ride. The short road signs are absorbed with less notice. Even on uneven dirt roads, it still feels like a luxury SUV.
Noise and vibration
With many SUVs, the absence of engine noise makes air and road noise more noticeable. Not with e-tron There is no specific hollow low-frequency rumble while playing whistling on thick surfaces or at the speed of the highway.
Atmosphere control
Climate control spreads the size and placement of the vents and provides consistent coverage, making the temperature adjustment a rare event. This is a good thing because the climate is distracting for less touchscreen to operate.
The interior design of e-tron is elegantly simple and examines all the boxes for refinement and quality. Unfortunately, the new MMI screen placement and interface leaves a lot to be desired.
ease of use
It is easy to use primary control and is deployed wisely. Unfortunately, the Infotainment system is more distracting than the previous MMI. The use of elimination of many physical buttons also becomes complicated.
In / out
The height of the e-tron ride is compared to any small crossover, and its sensible doors offer large openings in tight places. Some attempts are required to enter and exit.
Driving situation
Finding your favorite driving location is quick and easy, thanks for the 12-way power adjustment. The tailor drivers are well accounted with the adequate adjustment range of the telescoping steering wheel.
The front seats are huge and in the rear seats there is plenty of space for adult-sized knees, head and feet. We especially like that the back seat is high enough to support the cushion thighs, too.
Overall, external visibility is admirable. There is very little estimation while backing in space and the standard surround-view camera system covers anything else.
Quality of goods and strong construction are in line with premium luxury badging and price. There is refinement and strength in the cabin to please any critic.
The place for luggage and personal items seems to be compared to the small SUV, but the e-tron receives little profit on near inspection. Conscious storage additions that replace gasoline engine components and help in supplementary compartment utility improve.
Storage of small items
Cans, cup holders and door pockets provide enough space to store your personal items. As a bonus, there is also a wireless charging pad and a signal booster in the space set for your phone.
Cargo space
With 28.5 cubic feet cargo capacity rear seats and with a maximum of 57 cubic feet, e-tron is more favorable than its main competitors. There is also a deep bin under the cargo floor and there is a small box under the hood which is perfect for charging the cable.
The technology
The latest version of Audi's MMI Infotainment System leads us back one step. The screen is no longer in the driver's line and the lack of physical shortcut buttons can be distracted.
Audio & Navigation
MMI connects the dial controller to distract and reduce the location of the main touchscreen while operating. Likewise, it is more complicated to use it due to lack of physical shortcut buttons.
Smartphone integration
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard tools. On-screen large buttons make it easy to use compared to Audi's native MMI system. We especially like the signal booster that has been added with the wireless phone charger.
Driver aids
Advanced security features have been well-tuned to avoid false alarms. Adaptive cruise control reacts with smooth throttle and brake reactions, and the traffic jam Assist reduces the demands placed on the driver.
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