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Things to keep in mind when writing essays

Things to keep in mind when writing essays

In writing while writing essay
Choice of topic
                       Carefully select one of the subjects for essay writing. Some students start writing essays on any subject in a hurry but after writing 10 12 rows, they can not write further, leaving the essay incomplete and leaving the other It starts to be written on the subject, it is harmful to do so in view of the examination, so that the students want to take their steps on the same subject A on which to write enough material to him
            After choosing the subject of the essay, after considering it, the raw profile must be prepared by setting the length of the essay from the essay, if they should abandon the issues of Ambe.
Framework expansion
                            Only after setting the framework properly, its issues should be exponentially expanded by karma
The start or the introduction of the essay essay should be attractive and abbreviated and should be related to the subject of the initial essay.
While explaining the significance of the subject by observing the interpretation of the world by some methods of introduction of some of the initial roles, a statement from any extant narrative has come from someone's new taste mentioned by any related question from the discussion of the current situation.
This part of the middle part essay is very important. In this time important issues related to the topic should be discussed.
The essence of the epilogue or ending good essay is also like the introduction of study, it is natural to be brief and clear, attractive and emotional, the essence of this essay should be squeezed.

Some special things
                      There should be a new introduction to different issues in good essay. Usually there should be at least four introductions in the essay. In one acquaintance the same idea should be discussed. Conflicting views should not be given place. Care should be taken in the thoughts of the entire essay. Should have thoughts and introspection related to another idea and introduction should be clearly expressed in the student's opinion Let's twist the same thing and repeat it again or in other words, otherwise by doing this repetition, the essay becomes the heart and in Niman only the matter related to the subject matter should be discussed. The essence of the essay should be free from the mistakes of grammar Should be given special attention towards gender verb etc. should pay attention to the spelling and punctuation marks which are doubtful in spelling character configuration. Yoga should be used in the language, you can not use difficult words, it is good, but the essay would have been lost. The sentence should be simple, simple and should be small, should be used in the place of the kill. Distribution of the word 'Alankar idiom' is appropriate The idioms should be used in the usual quantities, idioms are not used here, the quotation should not be used in the wrong place at the wrong place, from the beginning to the end. Ray essay writing is neat and should be beautiful
Essential preparations for the essay
To achieve skill in writing essay, two things are required to be familiar with the nature of an essay and to have the right thought material. To get the content of the content, we can take help of the sadhus written below.
The main means of gathering the necessary material for the inspection essay is the inspection ie eyes seeing the day-to-day performance of the students, the student can not specify anything other than the special thing, due to the absence of subtle inspection power, inspection means only Not to be seen by inspection, it means that all things about the things or phenomena that we see can be assimilated. Take life
If we look at the garden, then it will know
Where is the garden, its length is the width, how many departments are there in 25 department what is the specialty of the department, which of which is the plant flower is half; what is the bird, what is the instrument for sports, how are the people coming there What are the effects of garden rice that affect the mind of a person? With this kind of subtle vision, the student should see every thing in the world.
        The essence of the essay is the second way of making a logic of tourism tourism. We get an opportunity to visit places and daughters in many places and get information about them. Travel experiences without travel by rail bus or airplane properly On the other hand, through tourism we get all kinds of knowledge of social economic geography and history etc.

            Swadhyayana also has great importance in gathering ideas. Swadhyaya teaches us our thinking and understanding. Language level knowledge is gained and simultaneous entertainment also. We should read such books in which the yoga of opposing world order is Jasu Khan. The proud glorious history of the castes should be an interesting place for travelers to travel and distribution of scientific disciplines. Such topics are our intellectual It will be helpful in the development and will give us the charity of our writing power. Swadhyaya or study should be made aware regularly, wherever there is any useful item, whether it is a good idea, a good word, the phrase or the village should be stored in its knowledge reserves. Or should they be considered

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