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Full description of why Gandhiji is still relevant

"Full description of why Gandhiji is still relevant "

The creation of the person through the programs through prayer The education of the spiritual government through the civil disobedience movement, the wave of awakening was the Gandhi Gandhian history man, whose true value is yet to be judged, which will increase in enthusiasm, the relevance of Gandhiji will increase.
It is not exaggeration to say that our former Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee has given a complete description of Gandhiji's personality and his utility through the above lines.
If the area of ​​world history is quite extensive and there are very few people in this area who have left their indelible impression on humanity, whom the great men associated with their thoughts related to their vision and personality landed in the compilation of the approach In the form of men presented in Gandhiji, I have a respectable personality and as per the law of vision, the person's personality It determines the life philosophy of Gandhiji, through an opposition, is a synthesis of this question and the indigenous means that by knowing the life of Gandhiji, we can get acquainted with the life of different personalities, including the idea of ​​ideology and the formation of a new ideology. Is the specialty of personality
Gandhiji had the immense power of truth, his philosophy of these powers, his philosophy, morality, he did not support any other ideology. According to Gandhi, truth can be disturbing, but never defeated, this statement proves that They had unwavering faith in their untruth, even in the beginning they considered God to be right, but later they had no God as God according to Gandhiji. Believing can be a personal faith of a person, but some will believe that in this way he has made a successful effort to connect different religions with the definition of his truth, which we can see in the constitution of our country, from this post, to the secularism of the constitutional framework Basic principles believe that he should tell the jewelery of all the properties, according to Gandhi ji, The attainment of all the qualities becomes white; they once considered to be complementary to each other, Gandhiji says that if I call for coins, then it has made me to make its medium, when I do this so that I am using my medium Inspires to create a successful experiment against the oppression of the oppressed people. They have lost consciousness in the society and they have to remove religious fundamentalism. The efforts they made reflect their sensitivity towards the class of their time that is neglected from antisocial from the very beginning.
Gandhiji's economic vision is very limited in terms of the policy of trusteeship of a lot more policy. Today, the life of social responsibility has become a living. Gandhiji's economy is dependent on money based on need and thus exploitation also G has many problems coming to the world, such as increase in humanity, communalism, economic problem, social equality, environmental humor and Before the scatteric decline, it was estimated that almost all of today's problems are the result of audio greed in the direct or indirect room. Today, the invitation to recruitment in the use of indigenous producers, Mahatma Gandhi Swachhata Mission Panchayati Raj awakens the principles and teachings of Gandhiji. the result is
Gandhiji was a practical idealist, and in the study of Gandhi, the place and address of Gandhi for the human survival in the world battling optimistically violence and conflict becomes important; Gandhiji's way is also entirely of morality and spirituality; In this context, the right way to edit a work is to identify its high degree of foresight. Taxes was the introduction of a moral high ground with the help of their crisis
In this world, people living in any corner, whether they work for peace and love, whether small or big ideas or many politicians or institutions have a sense of Gandhiji in them. In the end it is to say that the compulsion is not the name of Mahatma Gandhi but The name of strength is Mahatma Gandhi and whosoever goes to love peace in this world, it is not the best thing that can remove Gandhiji from his life.

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