Thursday, July 11, 2019

Come together to know how the mother's love lives with the children

Come together to know how the mother's love lives with the children

 Let's go and meet a boy in a turn village. His name was Hamid Hameed, living with his parents and brother in his small house. Hameed had also passed the class outside. His father had a couch illness, his father's He passed his ₹ 25 out of 25 and went to Delhi to pursue his studies, where Hameed got a small house to live, but he has been with his friend Ali for 7 years. There was a job in the house where he had done his name which he did always went in front of Amit's house. For some days he was not coming. June one day, why did we do so many days, why did Johnny do so Ali is not coming. He died on the last evening, Amit's heart felt shocked

We kept clothes in our small bay. Ali asked what he was doing. We are preparing to go home. We are thinking about the way Hameed was arguing about the way Arjuna was knocked at the door of the house. If a man opened the door then we too Neither asked if you know Suman, then the man said that he had sent it home 4 years ago and started living in the next cottage
We were told to see that the mother was sitting on a cot we went to sit next to the mother and sent me home and told me not to tell her if the mother would tell you, then you were unnecessarily worried about me, so much so that the mother got up and a chest Holi and one of the silk sheets of unity brought out and made perfume on it
Ask your mother and daughter, Hameed, and put your hands on the hands. Ask for a thing. Amit says yes. Amir felt that he asked about earning but Mann asked if you were happy in Delhi or not, then you went and told you so much I am also concerned about my happiness in poverty, my mother should be rich or poor mother is happy only in the happiness of my child

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