Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Journey also, when acquainted with Rikshawala in his story

A Journey also, when acquainted with Rikshawala in his story, his attitude towards women from the events of his life

I am very much pissed while traveling on the road. I do not know how people will be brought out. The biggest worry is that the auto-seekers who are seeking intercity fare will not have to worry about how people will meet in the lion.
So this time the wife had to go to Gwalior to meet a doctor. Together with the wife was together, the disturbance was there, the auto turned back on the station. We kept moving quietly. This young man took the auto with us without saying anything. That his voice came, Babuji, you will go somewhere and someone will do an auto, then if I am then why not accept such a charm in his life and voice that I accept

He continued to love and talked to us from the doctor, by giving him the conversation, by giving money, the call of the doctor's house rang rang, knowing that the doctor has changed the place of the clinic.
Auto was waiting for us without waiting for us. We reached the new place. I asked how much money would be given to Babu Ji who gave his wish. Even then, the rent from the doctor's house became extra. He asked Bhai, Where will I go from here? Tell me the name of the hotel and said, brother, you can take it here late; do not say anything. We found the waste of time gone to the doctor, but he was standing there, now he started feeling like There is something else with the photo taken, he left the hotel in our house and asked again when I will come again, that means you will roam in the stock. You will not have to go where you will go, how long it will be here, if you return from the past century, When the brother is tired today, he will be resting. Come visit tomorrow. It is fine Babu ji, this is my mobile number. Call me by phone. Hey you did not even mention your name Mohan Mohan Good no. The work started to roam the next day. He showed a place after a lot with love. I will continue to address Babuji and wife as Amma and after returning to the hotel, he also called him in the room to drink tea. Our family talks with tea drink came along, wife asked, son, you are Gwalior

Not in Amma Murthy of Agra had to come here. We felt that I had said something like this - I have kept a lot of it, so silent but speaking in the world is my home in Agra. My father has passed in the child only. I am also a lawyer Someone was searching for a job that was silent; We felt that there was no untoward incident with him, he did not worry or started to say it again. He was wandering around looking for a job. One day he was robbed and robbed. A familiar girl has been found Rescued me, save me, what happened, my parents are in the pain of a pain. I will fall into the well but I will not go with that skilled elderly I am very What do I do about the fallen quo I felt that the station should there took him and some of the reality statement to the inspector may be what will think long

Shankar Saheb Bid It's FIR lodged by his parents in lockup, but at the moment, this girl is worried about what will be done for it. After a small silence say that you have got married. He said, 'Why do not you marry him?' I said, then this sudden hangover struck him, but after some moment I felt that I have done evil in this. I asked all this to ask the police station If he asked him then he shook her head but Mohan Fauji, but the sister-in-law wanted to get married to my sister had been talked about. Then the military thought I thought sister of sister-in-law would marry a good man then there would be no crisis But the girl's life is in danger. The girl is also pretty familiar, and most importantly, she will also love doing youth in the crisis, and human but again but yes The problem is that marriage will be absolutely me, even if it does a girl, then if you take the trouble of being sent with it, then brother Bhai sister-in-law will be angry, my parents will kill me on the case of the girl when I am in front of the police station If you kept the problem, Nari Niketan would have filed a complaint against her father.
15 days they got me married to him in the temple. Where are the police officers from where I am the police officer? I do not believe in this incident. I am hearing the story. I am telling you the story. Bhuji but this is never a police officer. Poems are in it and its poems are full of human sensitivity. Yes, well, Brother, in some areas, no one can see Murcia. Then it is that my brother Bhabhi Got fired and removed from our house one, I did not get married to their daughter-in-law, the second girl to whom she belonged to another caste, then I came to Gwalior. Yes, Babuji was difficult to meet us in Agra, but if she came in the lion Someone may be in his own form, but this is often better than his own self. He who stops his mind by turning off the tax transaction towards the night.

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